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Traditional Canvas Marquees





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We supply Traditional Marquees in 20ft, 30ft or 40ft widths (6m, 9m or 12m) and over 200ft in length.  If you wish the marquee can be fitted out with colourful candystrip linings in yellow, blue or pink. 


We also have in our repertoire a number of smaller tents for use as catering service areas, cloackrooms or BBQ shelters.

If you would like something a little more theatrical why not hire a fully furnished yurt or a bell tent for a childrens party?

Entrances, Awnings and

Connecting Walkways

Several marquees can be joined together by covered walkways or linked to your home or other building in case of inclement weather. 


An attractive entrance porch can be added to the marquee if you wish.


Flooring, Furniture, Lighting

and other Accessories.

When required we lay coir matting for the marquee floor creating an old style but smart look for your venue. 


We also have wooden dance floors to fit most of our marquees.

furze wedding 7.jpg

We can arrange for the delivery of a wide range of furniture. chairs, tables etc to suit your needs. 


We also supply sofas, Indian style, rugs and lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere. Bunting is supplied free of charge.

Marquee Siting

Normally we would require a firm and level site of grass to put up your marquee,  with enough room to accommodate the necessary guy ropes. 


However the flexibility of these structures means that most obstacles can often be easily overcome.


Please contact us for a free site visit to discuss the possibilities for your event 

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